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China Trademark Filing Requirement
  • China Trademark Filing Requirement
  • There are three types of patent in China, including patent for invention, patent for utility model and patent for design. What is the patent duration, time for approval, and filing document? Read this article for details.
  • China Legal Express  [Verified]
PVC Braided Hose
  • PVC Braided Hose
  • If you are looking for cheap and discount pvc braided hose instock from professional pvc braided hose manufacturers, suppliers and factory, and if you are checking pvc braided hose price, customized bulk products, please feel free to contact Tiantai Fuhua
  • Tiantai Fuhua Plastic & Rubber Co.,Ltd  [Verified]
PTFE Screw & Nut
  • PTFE Screw & Nut
  • Ningbo Taifno PTFE Plastic Products Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional ptfe screw & nut manufacturers and suppliers China equipped with productive ptfe screw & nut factory, welcome to our website. Quick Details PackagingDelivery PTFE Screws and Nuts:
  • Ningbo Taifno PTFE Plastic Products Co.,Ltd  [Verified]
Asbsetos Packing
  • Asbsetos Packing
  • Asbestos PTFE packing is made of white asbestos fiber cords impregnated with PTFE dispersion. Soft in texture, this material is suitable for sealing pumps for various chemicals. However, packing impregnated with lubricants is recommended for use with reci
  • Cixi Xinsheng Sealing Factory  [Verified]

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